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Online bingo tips to improve your chances of winning

Bingo! What a fun game. -But a game of bingo is also about being successful and making money, most bingo players argue that it is more a game of chance than a money making an opportunity. However, there are bingo pros who will confirm that understanding all aspects of the game and using them to come up with a strategy helps in making big wins.

Basic online bingo tactics

1. Play on a credible site. Nowadays, there are so many online bingo platforms that it is easy to fall into the trap of a scammy site. Play on a reputable site to ensure that you receive payouts after winning.

2. Play bingo during offpeak hours. Bingo is a game of numbers and the more competitors there are, the harder it will be to win. Join the game at odd hours, when most people are either going to bed or during busy working hours.

3. Let your losses go! In a game of bingo, it easy to try and gamble again (using martingale) in an attempt to recover past losses. The wise thing to do is to set a limit and be disciplined enough when you reach your loss limits for the day.

Advanced online Bingo tips

In addition to choosing reputable bingo sites, timing your play, setting a loss limit and having fun while at it, you have to understand the ins and outs of the game. If you want to win and make money from your bingo games, it is important to know which balls to pull and at what time.

Understand bingo rules.

While the main rule for enjoying bingo is having fun, understanding the technicalities of the game will increase your chances of winning. Here are some rule-bonded tips to help you win your bingo games.

Winning 75-ball bingo

A variant of the 90-ball, the 75-ball is quite popular in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Bingo players participate in 75-ball by buying numbered cards or tickets. Therefore, the more cards you buy, the more your chances of winning. Most online casinos have two options when you are buying tickets. You can either chose your tickets manually or apply automatic selections by the computer.

In a game of 75-ball, numbers are called out as players cross them out on their tickets. The first person to complete crossing the pre-determined pattern is the winner.

In 75-ball, the pattern is determined even before the game begins. Meaning, the keener you are, the more numbers you will notice. All 25 squares except the one at the centre which is marked ‘free’ or ‘star.’

A good trick is marking the ‘free’ square before the game begins. The numbers which are called mostly fall on the same line that contains the box with the ‘star.’ Therefore, if your numbers complete the pattern and you had already crossed the extra box, you can be the first to ‘bingo!’ and win.

Winning 90-ball bingo

A 90-ball bingo ticket has 27 squares, with nine columns and three rows (each row has five squares with numbers ranging from 1 to 90). The trick to winning 90-ball bingo is buying a set of six tickets because you will have all numbers from 1 to 90. Playing online is better because bingo sites can automatically cross numbers for you, regardless of how many tickets you have.

Other online bingo tactics

  • Participate in chat games to earn free bonuses to use in your bingo games.
  • Look out for ‘buy one, get one free’ games, to earn free tickets.
  • Read all the terms and conditions on the bingo site you are using, to discover opportunities.
  • Participate in free bingo games because every time you do, your balance is increased, which you can use for ‘real money’ games.
  • Never spend money that you cannot afford to lose. Frustrations from losing this kind of funds will only push you to make rush rebuys.
  • Follow all the rules.

Bingo is a fun way of making money. If you follow the online bingo tips we have given above, you have more chances of winning. Just remember to; not miss out on promotions, check for bonuses, play during off-peak hours and use the auto and advance buy options. Goodluck!